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Posted by Walt

I have reviewed Laura’s work and her creative defenses. Laura is always well prepared. Laura goes well beyond what many lawyers will do in defense of her clients. Laura is respected by judges prosecutors and other defense attoneys. I have represented co defendants and know her clients hold Laura in high regard.

Review of Laura Shaver

Posted by anonymous

Laura Shaver is an excellent defense attorney. She defended our son on a DUI and a totally uncalled for DV charge. In both cases, Laura, worked out reasonable solutions and the charges were removed or downgraded. Laura was thorough and obviously has the respect of the prosecutors and judges in Snohomish County. Laura really cared about the outcome and communicated personally with me on several occasions. I cannot say enough about her high degree of professionalism and skill as an attorney!

Great at what she does

Posted by Greg

Laura took over my case near the end of its conclusion when my original attorney couldn’t continue for medical reasons. She was courteous, professional, and set my mind to some ease during a very difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her.

Freedom: 30 After 30

Posted by Mel S.

For me, if I could give Laura Shaver 10 stars it wouldn’t be enough. She gave me my life back. I couldn’t put a price tag on that. Hired to prepare a Clemency Petition (filed in 2018), which was favored by the Board, the family of my victim, the previous prosecutor, the lead detective, but not the Governor, Laura vowed to never give up on me when the Governor denied my petition for Clemency. Basically working for free for nearly two years, Laura still researched and advocated for my release. When HB 6164 was enacted in 2020 Laura advocated on my behalf to the current prosecutor. Her dedication and determination paid off. I wouldn’t be typing this if it wasn’t for Laura. Thanks to the grace of God and Laura Shaver (both my saviors). I am free. No matter how times I’ll say “Thank You”, it won’t be enough.

Excellent Lawyer

Posted by Britni

Laura helped me with two charges-both were dropped. I would highly recommend her. My charges were assault and malicious mischief, but I don’t doubt that she could handle most anything! Throughout the entire process, she was always articulate, determined, and extremely compassionate. Laura always appeared cool, competent, and ready to take on a challenge. It was hard for me to put my trust in someone, especially with such high stakes, but she completely delivered on everything she promised and even offered encouragement and personal support.


Posted by anonymous

Our judicial system is solely punitive in nature with no recourse for redemption. Enter Laura Shaver! She has such compassion and respect for you and really hears you out. Our plight is an ongoing struggle and Laura has been by our side the whole way. She is extremely thorough in her work and her sense of humor and candidness is refreshing. You will never regret hiring this professional to work for you.

My review for Laura

Posted by anonymous

I was thankful for what Laura was capable of doing for my case. Things didn’t seem optimal based on certain people not with to try to work out an alternative outcome, but she did everything in her power to make my situation turn out the best it could based on our restrictions. The only thing I will say is that she struggled to communicate with me as much I would’ve liked, info seem to come to me very last minute which made everything much more stressful


Posted by anonymous

Laura represented me in an assault case. She worked hard with the prosecutor to try and get my case dismiss due to lack of evidence, but I ended up getting my case deferred with no jail time. She is an awesome attorney who goes out of her way to make sure you get the best representation you can get and keep you well inform of what is going to happen.

Top Notch from beginning to end

Posted by Betty

I have interviewed a few attorneys and all tried to up sell me, gave me the run around or the usual song and dance regarding taking a plea deal. Not Ms. Shaver. She is a straight shooter and dialed into every avenue of defense. She laid out all of my options, has upfront pricing and a refreshing honest approach so I can decide the best course of action. With her support and guidance, I won my case and it is now a lesson learned. She is real, humble, kind and loyal to help you with your situation and I am eternally grateful. Don’t walk, run to hire this amazing attorney!!

Excellent Lawyer/Goes way above and beyond

Posted by anonymous

Laura Shaver is a very compassionate and thorough lawyer who goes above and beyond for her clients. it is evident by the work she did for us that she is not in it for the money but to seek justice for her clients. I would recommend her to any persons in need of an attorney or consult.

Best Lawyer/Human ever!

Posted by anonymous

Laura is a prompt, respectful, and very understanding human & lawyer to have, i’m Glad I invested my funds, time, emotions, etc. with her because she did everything I expected and more.
She’s not the typical lawyer who just wants your money, matter of fact she gave me money BACK.
I can always rely on her to reply right away whether business hours or not. Ive had a lawyer before but she will without a doubt be my go to attorney/one I would refer to someone in need.
I know they only allow “5 star rating as highest rating” but she was 10 stars.
Her reviews are ALL right on she deserves the 5 star rating she holds.

Get her

Posted by Brent

This lawer is pretty badass pulled some stuff off on my case I didn’t think would be possible. She is also addicted to Popeyes chicken. Has a cute dog too so bonus points.

Great listener, effective, and affordable

Posted by anonymous

Ms. Shaver listened to all of my concerns regarding my case. She was very thorough with explaining to me the pros and cons of possible outcomes regarding my legal matter, and my options for providing possible witnesses pertinent to my case. Ms. Shaver was able to get my case dismissed by the Judge. I highly recommend her services, she’s amazing.

better than a bulldog

Posted by [email protected]

She’s the best ever. The perfect combination of bulldog and masseuse because she kicks ass and also convinces the opposing party it’s what they want. I would never hire anyone else. I was accused of selling drugs – and i was completely innocent and she won and now i’m a free man.

Professional and Proficient

Posted by Promesthius

Ms Shaver was both professional and proficient in the handling of an intimate assault case – which was rightly dismissed.

Great attorney

Posted by Allen K

If you need someone that will fight tooth and nail, Laura is the attorney for you!!! She is all about going the extra mile. There is no such thing as half way doing things with Laura! Trust and believe you are in good hands with her as your attorney. Money can not get you a better attorney. She won my case before charges were even formally charged. No need to look for anyone else!!

Amazing Lawyer

Posted by Sandy

We hired Laura Shaver to represent our son in 2 counties on some Big Charges, She was Amazing she worked very hard and got the results we needed. She was very personable to myself being the Mom and attentive despite her case load to my son. I cannot say enough about her ! She is an Amazing Lawyer and you will not go wrong if you hire her !

She saved my life!

Posted by Jessie

Laura was grade-A from start to finish. I knew from my first conversation with her that she was a go-getter who would work hard for me, and I was right! I put me and my family’s fate in her hands and I made the best choice I could have. She worked diligently with me, was there to take my calls and answer my questions, and got me the result we talked thoroughly about. I liked Laura best because she was upfront with me about my options throughout. It didn’t feel like a business transaction. It felt like she was really fighting for my future and she did. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Laura!!

Forever grateful

Posted by anonymous

I hate to think of where I could have been if I didn’t hire Laura. She went above and beyond. I was charged with a bank robbery. I cannot express my graditude enough. She got me off and I’m forever grateful.

Excellent representation

Posted by Ciera

Laura was a great attorney – she really listened to me and valued my situation. She worked really hard to get me the best possible deal and I was impressed with her tenacity and grit. I’d definitely hire her again.


Posted by Beau

Laura was always on top of things, straight forward, professional while personable at the same time. She knew what she was doing and made it feel like your case was her number one priority the entire way through. I was very lucky to have been referred to her and would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Unusual case – Happy Ending

Posted by Cheryl

I met with Laura and even though she is a criminal defense lawyer, she agreed to take my case defending me against the criminal. We won. Laura is very smart, very calm and patient, and led me through the process with confidence. I owe my sense of safety to the mind and actions of Laura Shaver.

Couldn’t have asked for better!

Posted by Shawna

Laura was great! I am so glad I had her on my side. She was very kind and non-judgmental. She knew her stuff and knew exactly what we needed to do to get me out of my bind. I would highly recommend Laura and although I hope to never need her services again, I would definitely call on her again if needed.

Laura was amazing

Posted by Richard

Hiring Laura was about the best decision I ever made. My son, was accused of domestic violence. His court-appointed Public Defender urged him to accept a Diversion to avoid prosecution and a permanent, criminal record, but my son knew the charges were fabricated and couldn’t bear to admit guilt for something he never did. Laura took the case. She was a superb communicator, to me and my son. She carefully reviewed all possible outcomes but was sensitive to his desire for justice and his confusion and hurt. Though young and not in practice for very many years, Laura was extremely knowledgeable, projected confidence and inspired confidence. She was very aware of the problems faced by juveniles who have no real voice in criminal court and knew how to hire private detectives to obtain the background story. She also knew how to frame the evidence to cast doubt the accusers claims, and she knew how to accomplish all of this while mindful of the financial strain we faced. Her preparation was thorough and her approach was confident. In the end, we won the case and all charges were dropped.
Laura treated my son with dignity, respect and reassurance. Her fees were fair and very likely far below what she could have charged for the time she provided. We received superb legal assistance and remain very grateful

I suddenly found myself in a situation I couldn’t ever dream possiblele

Posted by Peter

My life went from being everything I always wanted to basically living on the streets, literally overnight! I was an absolute train wreck! Our local legal system had me backed in a corner and I couldn’t see a way out.
Laura’s efforts on my case were over the top. She put up with a guy who was falling apart, she was very patient and kind with me. Aggressive with the prosecutor and judge who thought they could walk all over me.
Ultimately, I think the entire courtroom was impresses by her after our endless court appearance’s, that ended in a jury trial. I won’t ever forget the look on the prosecutors face when finally everything was over and thanks to laura, she didn’t get what she thought she had in the bag. “Me! Behind Bars”
Laura worked day,night, weekends and even holidays on my case. Always returned my calls, emails and explained my concerns. She did an amazing job dealing with a guy who was scared out of his witts. I’m pretty sure I was one of the most difficult clients she has ever worked with!! I really appreciated that she didn’t ever make me feel that way!
We both walked out of the courtroom that last time with smiles on our faces over the outcome. I couldn’t be more greatful!
Thank you Laura!

Loved Laura!!

Posted by Michelle

Laura was amazing, she did her homework and worked hard for my daughter. She’s was friendly, non-judgemental and very personable. The outcome Laura got my daughter was the absolute best case scenario, which we didn’t think would even happen. I would (and have) recommend Laura to do any legal work you need done!!


Posted by anonymous

Mrs. O’Neal worked my case when I got into some trouble and she was excellent. Not only need she get me the best deal possible, it was nice to be able to explain my circumstance to her without judgement. So Thankful to have such a trusting, honest, like-able attorney. So Thankful!

Excellent Communication & Dedication to the client

Posted by anonymous

Ms. O’Neal did a great job communicating with me, making sure that I was well informed and educated on all aspects of the trials. As her client I felt safe and trusted. She did an outstanding job representing me throughout the entire process.

Thanks for saving me Laura!

Posted by Deema

Laura helped me out during one of the most challenging times of my life! She was beyond knowledgable of the law. She is very professional and works night and day for you. I wish we had more attorneys this honest and smart. Thank you so much!

Great Job – Good Communication!

Posted by Judie

Laura represented our son who was now facing prison for the first time. A very scary thing. Our son had a public defender at first and was being thrown under the bus. The public defender did not know the facts of the case and would not communicate with anyone. Didn’t even show up at court one time. So, I had a very high recommendation for the Mazzone Law Firm and we got Laura. I was really impressed with her knowledge, representation and communication. She even took care of all the probation violations that came out of the woodwork. We were very pleased with Laura and I would highly recommend her!

Laura is not your average public defender.

Posted by Criminal client’s mom

Laura represented my daughter and from the start Laura told us the best and worst case scenarios. We always knew what we were walking into when we went to court. We never felt judged by Laura and she always told us very bluntly what to expect. She outsmarted the prosecutor and my daughter was found not guilty after trial. It was obvious how prepared laura was and I am very thankful Laura took my daughter’s case.

Laura O’Neal

Posted by Lydi Ball

Laura was easy to work with and had the confidence needed during one of the most difficult parts of my life. She was patient in explaining the legal process and my rights, and she came through 100% with winning my case. So glad I went with her – I’d recommend her to a freind in a heart beat.

Very satisfied!!!

Posted by Kandus

hired Angela Horwath’s firm and Laura handled most of my case. She TRULY cares about her clients and performs extremely well in the courtroom. She has done more for me and my case than any other Lawyer I have dealt with. She is amazing and fights for your freedom. I have a criminal background, just gotten out of prison, had a prior DUI and refused the breath test on my second DUI. She got it dropped to reckless endangerment and EHM in lieu of jail time. I was in fear of losing my job that I worked so hard to keep. She made me feel comfortable and at ease with my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome and strongly recommend her to anyone!!!!

AMAZING Knowleade and Service!!!

Posted by Tara

I hired Angela Horwath’s office to handle my DUI case and Laura was my main contact. She was so knowledeable about the law and answered all my questions – even questions I didn’t know I had. She would always give me the worst and best case scenarios which helped me mentally prepare for what could happen. She was able to get my case dropped from a DUI to a reckless driving, and I’m very appreciative of the time and service she provided me. She never looked down on me and gave me all the support I needed throughout this entire court process. I will definitely reccomend her services to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Laura!!


Posted by Raymond

Thanks to Laura for doing an outstanding job, I was really impressed. I’m going to recommend her to anybody that ask if I know a good lawyer Thanks for a job well done.

Saved My Bacon!

Posted by anonymous

Laura Shaver is just awesome! For lack of a better word, I did something very stupid. I was humiliated beyond degree. Laura, not only saved me from what could have ruined my career, she also showed so much compassion for what I was going through. I had never received a traffic infraction, and now a DUI! After 20 years of driving, I was devastated. Laura dug in and through researching and her quick, sharp mind, did the impossible. I was puzzled how someone so young in her career had so much knowledge. Apparently, she gained a lot of hands on practice while in Law School, so don’t let her appearance, or lack of years in practice fool you. She answered all my questions, and called me whenever she had more questions. She also kept me up to speed, whenever there were any changes. She was also good at returning phone calls, which is usually always a problem with attorneys that I’ve dealt with in the past. She’s not above returning your call after business hours, which is very rare. The confidence she exudes in court, is far beyond her years. I cannot say enough about her, best of all, things turned out quite well, in spite of what could have been a very bad situation for me. Ms Shaver literally saved my bacon. I would recommend her to anyone. Although, I personally do not plan on requiring services of that nature, from her again, and that’s a promise. I attempted to rate this Attorney as Excellent, as she is, but was only allowed by program to give four stars!

Couldn’t have asked for a better attorney!

Posted by Kim

Laura was awesome! She was always available when we had questions and made us feel at ease! She was very knowledgable and was always able to provide us with the most accurate up to date information on my husbands case. She was very professional and friendly, but had a way of making us feel extremely comfortable. Thank you Laura, we appreciate everything you have done!!

Excellent Attorney!

Posted by anonymous

Laura was an excellent attorney. She was very helpful with my case. She was always available to answer any questions that I had. She was excellent in the courtroom and really knows her stuff! I would recommend her if you are looking for an attorney in the tacoma area. I can also tell by her interaction with me, her other clients, that she is a great person overall and that is a quality that puts her above other attorneys.

Great Service!

Posted by Brandon

First and foremost, Laura is intensely dedicated to protecting her clients. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys, Laura takes emotional stake in her client’s futures, and goes the extra mile to ensure that her client’s understand the criminal process and their options. Lastly, don’t put too much emphasis on her one year in practice; she’s been working in criminal defense–in other capacities–for several years. It’s evident that she knows what she’s doing.

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